Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do You Need Huge Traffic To Make Your Blog Successful?

By Keith Goodrum

Do you really need a lot of traffic to have a successful? There is a common belief for a blog to be successful you need tons of traffic. Many think the key to making serious revenue is in the number of unique visitors.

While there are bloggers making some serious coin off what seems to be lots of traffic. These "A" list bloggers have big numbers for one reason. They have figured out a way to attract a lot of people who are interested in the subject they are blogging about.

This is done by playing in a big market. Something like making money online, diet/fitness, celebrty gossip or someting similar. These are not the only niches one can be successful, it is only a few examples.

One of the keys is these bloggers have done an excellent job of monetizing their sites. Which is a fancy word for making lots of money. It is the combination of huge traffic numbers and good revenue streams which work.

So, it would seem this format is the way to recreate similar results. But, here is the thing...
You don't need huge numbers of visitors to make your blog work...
You can get it to work by not attracting a lot of people, but by attracting the right kind of people. And who are the right kind of visitors? I'm glad you asked.
The right kind of traffic are people who fit three critera:
1. They are highly passoniate about the subject - These are people who eat, sleep, talk and think about the subject litterly 24 hours a day. They are obsessed about their niche, and are constanly on the lookout for new and more information about their passion.

2. They have a problem which needs to be solved - These people have a problem, and they need a solution fast. They will go to all ends of the web searching for the answer. Remember one thing; there is a direct correlation to the severity of the problem and the urgency to find a solution.

3. They have demonstrated a willingness to spend money to solve this problem - This is the key here... these folks must have a history of spending money on the solution. If they don't spend money, then you are wasting your time. Most of the time this happens because there are many ways to get the information free. So, there is no need to pay for the solution.